Social Media Content For Dental Practice

Creating engaging content for social media profiles is an excellent way to expand your online presence. Other benefits include keeping patients up-to-date with your practice and having the opportunity to share important tips to keep patients on top of their dental health in-between visits. The best way to approach creating posts for social media is not to overthink it and remember that “everything is content.” Here are some ideas for social media posts to showcase your practice.

Short or Informative Videos

Videos are the most engaging form of content. Even a short video wishing patients a happy Friday will reach more users online and garner more engagement than a simple text post. Recording a few videos discussing dental health tips, demonstrating brushing/flossing techniques, or explaining a new product is highly valuable since it also serves as a resource to your patients. In the spirit of “everything is content,” short video ideas include:

  • Show off the office’s seasonal decor. 
  • Wish patients a happy holiday.
  • Record fun moments around the office or outings like team lunches. 
  • Record clips of events your practice attends.
  • Have your staff introduce themselves. 

Engaging New Patients Online

Getting your social media posts in front of potential clients is simple, but reeling them in is another challenge altogether. Enticing potential patients with exclusive social media discounts or offers can help bring more people through your doors. Here’s what that might look like:

  • “Mention this post for 15% off your first exam and cleaning.”
  • “Share this post for $20 off a Sonicare Toothbrush.”

Encourage Existing Patients To Engage With You on Social Media

Display QR codes around the office. Ask them to scan the code and follow you on Facebook or Instagram. If you send newsletters or email marketing, ensure your profiles are linked at the bottom. Another way to encourage existing patients to engage is to create a hashtag specific to your practice.

  • Tell patients to post a photo of their smile using the hashtag and tag your office for a chance to win a prize like a Starbucks gift card or goody bag. This tactic does require a follow-up, but simple contests can run anywhere from a week to a month. After announcing the winner, you can repost their photo to your profile with permission as the “Smile of the Month.”

A more intensive way to reach potential clients in your local area is to partner with another business on a larger giveaway. Be careful when setting up the guidelines for the giveaway because common tactics such as “tag a friend below for an entry” violate the Meta Terms of Service and can negatively impact your profiles and even result in the deletion of your account after multiple reported offenses. Cross-promoting with another business is valuable since their loyal patients or customers already trust them and their recommendations. 

The Best Content To Post For Engagement 

A valuable social media profile is genuine. Copying what another practice has done because they saw success with it does not mean you will experience the same results. Social media is a chance to connect with new and existing patients on a more human level compared to traditional marketing methods. Showcase what makes your practice special, why your employees love working there, and why your current patients have chosen your practice as their dental home. In other words, be yourself!  

Social Media Services for Dentists 

Need help with creating and posting content to promote your practice online? We can help! We offer a variety of social media strategies tailored to your practice’s needs. Contact EOS Healthcare Marketing about our social media programs today!