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Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital is a newly established veterinary practice located in Gallatin, TN. Founded by co-owners Dr. Ben Zimmerman and Dr. April Lynch, the hospital was set to open its doors in early 2021. With a mission to provide superior veterinary care, the practice aimed to attract pet owners who value top-quality care for their furry companions. To achieve their growth objectives, the owners sought an effective strategy to establish a strong presence in the local market, gain a competitive edge, and expand their patient base.


Branding and Promotion
As a newly established veterinary hospital, Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital may face various challenges in connecting with new potential patients.
There are existing and established veterinary practices in the local area that are already established and trusted by pet owners. This could make it challenging for Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital to compete and gain a foothold in the market.

Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital faced the challenge of identifying a suitable location to open their practice.

Solution: Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital partnered with EOS to gather insights into the local market, assess the competition, and identify areas with high demand for quality veterinary services. With this information, the co-owners were able to make an informed decision on where to open their practice, ensuring maximum potential for growth and success.

Building trust

Pet owners are likely to seek veterinary care from practices they trust and feel confident in. As a new practice, Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital will need to work on building trust with potential patients and demonstrating the quality of their services to earn their loyalty.

Solution: Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital tracks customer feedback and reviews, identifying areas for improvement and demonstrating their commitment to quality care. By tailoring messaging to the values and preferences of potential clients, they were able to establish themselves as a trustworthy and reliable veterinary practice.

Limited marketing resources

As a startup practice, Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital had limited resources to devote to marketing efforts. This could limit the hospital’s ability to reach out to potential patients and promote its services effectively.

Solution: By leveraging real-time data and analytics, EOS was able to identify the most effective channels and target their marketing efforts towards potential clients in the local market. By tailoring messaging and promotions to consumer preferences and values, they were able to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts with limited resources.

Limited brand awareness

As a new practice, Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital may have limited brand awareness among potential clients in the local market. This could make it difficult for the hospital to attract new patients who are unaware of its existence and services.

Solution: By gaining valuable consumer insight, EOS was able to leverage consumer preferences and values, thus EOS tailored Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital messaging and branding to appeal to the specific needs and desires of potential clients in the local market.


To establish a strong online presence, Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital collaborated with EOS to develop a comprehensive digital strategy. The first step was to create a distinctive visual identity that would effectively communicate Bluegrass’s unique value proposition. EOS’s Creative Team designed a logo and brand personality that resonated with the target audience, showcasing the hospital’s commitment to exceptional veterinary care.

With the brand identity in place, EOS developed a user-friendly website that provided visitors with relevant information about the hospital’s services, staff, and facilities. The website was optimized for search engines, ensuring that it ranked high on search engine result pages. In June 2021, EOS implemented a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaign to drive traffic to the website, targeting pet owners who were searching for quality veterinary care in the Gallatin area.

As the website gained traction, EOS’s Digital Team began implementing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve its organic visibility in search results. This included optimizing the website’s content, building high-quality backlinks, and creating a comprehensive local SEO strategy. By March 2022, Bluegrass’s website had achieved a significant increase in organic traffic, attracting a steady stream of potential patients to the hospital.

EOS also managed Bluegrass’s Google Business Profile (GBP), ensuring that the hospital’s information was accurate and up-to-date across all Google services. This helped to boost the hospital’s visibility in local search results, making it easier for potential clients to find and connect with the hospital.

With the brand aligned with Bluegrass’s objectives, the website was developed and launched, and it was time for EOS’s Digital Team to optimize the client’s online presence. This meant getting the Bluegrass website in front of potential customers. In June 2021, EOS implemented Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing to drive new visitors to the Bluegrass website. In March 2022, EOS started SEO optimization on the Bluegrass web pages, increasing their website’s visibility organically in the search engine result pages (SERPs). When EOS began SEO for the client, they also began management of the client’s Google Business Profile (GBP) to support the client’s online presence across Google effectively.

Project Journey


Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital has achieved impressive growth thanks to its strong brand, logo, and website, as well as its powerful online marketing strategy. Through their successful PPC campaign, Bluegrass has achieved an impressive 27% conversion rate overall, which is 17.57% higher than the national average for Google Search ads in the Animals and Pets category. Moreover, their all-time cost per lead is $14.89, which is $11.36 lower than the industry average for Google Search ads in the same category. Thanks to the effective SEO efforts by EOS, Bluegrass has seen a remarkable 64% increase in organic traffic compared to their initial benchmarks. Furthermore, since working with EOS, Bluegrass has achieved an astounding 478% increase in the new user conversion rate.


Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital faced significant challenges as a new veterinary practice, including identifying a suitable location, building brand awareness, competing with established practices, and limited marketing resources. However, through collaboration with EOS, the hospital was able to develop a comprehensive digital strategy that effectively communicated their unique value proposition and established a strong online presence. As a result, Bluegrass experienced impressive growth, with high conversion rates, lower cost per lead than industry averages, and significant increases in organic traffic and new user conversion rates. Through a commitment to exceptional veterinary care and strategic marketing efforts, Bluegrass Veterinary Hospital has established itself as a trusted and reliable veterinary practice in the community.

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